Drones dominate Twitter chat with St. Louis police chief

From stltoday:

November 11, 2013

ST. LOUIS • The police chief’s first-ever live Q&A session on Twitter garnered questions and comments today about everything from drones to crime statistics and the need for a civilian review board.

Dotson tweeted nearly 80 times during the session from noon to about 1:30 p.m. according to his Twitter account, @chiefslmpd. Nearly 50 people tweeted questions and comments to him.

About a dozen of those individuals’ tweets centered on using drones in police work — an idea Dotson has floated since the summer after announcing that he filed an application with the Federal Aviation Administration.

In an interview following the live chat session, Dotson said the FAA has given the department the first green light…read more


Chief details police plans for drones over St. Louis

From stlbeacon:

October 9, 2013

His timeline may be delayed a bit, but St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson is optimistic that within 18 months, his department will have its first drone to police the skies.

Dotson’s initial plan calls for a small one – 25 pounds or so, and the size of a small table – that would be armed with camera and fly as high as 400 feet in the air…read more


St. Louis police chief wants drones to monitor city from the sky

From stltoday:

June 23,2013

51c875fb8c7cd.preview-300ST. LOUIS • In Chief Sam Dotson’s vision of modern policing, a drone would circle Busch Stadium to watch for terrorists, or silently pursue a criminal who thought the chase was over when the officer in the car behind him turned off its red lights and siren.

And Dotson is working to make it happen…read more


No Guidelines on FBI Domestic Drone Use

From EPIC.org:

June 21, 2013

drone3Senator Rand Paul Seeks Answers About FBI’s Domestic Drone Use: Senator Rand Paul issued a letter to FBI Director Robert Mueller seeking answers about the FBI’s domestic use of drones. In a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on FBI oversight, Director Mueller admitted that the FBI uses drones for domestic surveillance. Mueller also stated there were no guidelines in place to regulate the FBIs use of drones and protect the privacy of Americans. EPIC petitioned the Federal Aviation Administration last year to conduct a public rulemaking to address the threat to privacy and civil liberties the domestic use of drones pose. EPIC also petitioned the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection this year to establish privacy regulations for its use of drones. For more information, see EPIC: Domestic Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Drones. (Jun. 21, 2013)