Vote No on 7

No on 7Drone Free St. Louis endorses a No vote on Constitutional Amendment 7. The amendment imposes a regressive ¾ of one percent sales tax to fund transportation in the State of Missouri. Included in the list of projects that it would fund is $4 million for the “Real Time Transportation Center” to be installed in the new St. Louis Police Department headquarters. This is just another name for the Real Time Intelligence Center (RTIC), which would be a hub for surveillance camera monitoring the city. Drone Free St. Louis opposes mass surveillance of citizens going about their everyday lives. The RTIC will only serve to invade privacy, limiting our free speech and rights of association. We feel strongly that a public discussion needs to be held on the merits of a RTIC with input from the citizens of St. Louis before any such drastic change in policing policy is made.


Vote No on 7 — 3 Comments

  1. The high incidence of car accidents resulting from the average rate of speed of 75mph on the streets of St. Louis is preposterous, nuts, and crazy. I hope the police will begin to use drones for this purpose. I’m trying to find out how to make investments in the area of drones. It’s great for the economy. Liberty and Justice are 2 adjetives crimemakers don’t like; don’t be a part of that when se support freedom from crime.

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