Drones still running into Privacy and Safety issues:

DOT Warns FAA Facing ‘Significant Barriers’ to Clearing Drones for Use


July 2, 2014

DOT-SEAL-BLUE-286“…’As far as small drones go, the ones most likely to be used by local TV stations, the report stated the FAA won’t meet its August deadline to issue its final ruling on their use. According to the audit, “FAA officials indicated that privacy concerns have been the primary contributor to this recent delay.’

The DOT audit also outlined two areas of concern for overall drone use.

First, because there are no pilots on board, a UAS cannot comply with the “see and avoid” requirements that underpin operational safety in the NAS. However, there is currently a lack of a mature UAS technology capable of automatically detecting other aircraft operating in nearby airspace and successfully maneuvering to avoid them. Experts we interviewed stated that “detect and avoid” is the most pressing technical challenge to integration.”  read more



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