Here’s why we need to have a full discussion, and then stop, Chief Dotson’s Real Time Intelligence Center.

LA Sheriff’s Dept. On New Surveillance Program: We Knew The Public Wouldn’t Like It, So We Kept It A Secret

World News Daily Information Clearing House

April 17, 2014

12766265As we’ve noted several times before, law enforcement and investigative agencies tend to roll out expanded surveillance systems without bothering to run it by the citizens they’re planning to surveil. The systems and programs are deployed, FOIA battles are waged and, finally, at some point, the information makes its way to the public. It is only then that most agencies start considering the privacy implications of their surveillance systems, and these are usually addressed by begrudging, minimal protections being belatedly applied…read more


If drones are the eyes and ears of the surveillance state, fusion centers (and also Intelligence Centers like Chief Dotson wants to create) are the brains. Here’s an overview:

Why Fusion Centers Matter: FAQ

Electronic Freedom Foundation

April 7, 2014


fusion-1“This story demonstrates what we called “one of the biggest dangers of the surveillance state: the unquenchable thirst for access to the NSA’s trove of information by other law enforcement agencies.” This is particularly concerning when NSA information is used domestically. Fusion centers are no different.

In fact, in early 2012, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court approved the sharing of raw NSA data with the NCTC. The intelligence community overseen by the NCTC includes the Department of Homeland Security and FBI, the main federal fusion center partners. Thus, fusion centers—and even local law enforcement—could potentially be receiving unminimized NSA data. This runs counter to the distant image many people have of the NSA, and it’s why focusing on fusion centers as part of the recently invigorated conversation around surveillance is important”…read more



Putting Big Brother in the driver’s seat

John Whitehead in the People’s Blog for the Constitution

March 21, 2014

Big Brother is Watching“…we’re about to enter a Twilight Zone of sorts, one marked by drones, smart phones, GPS devices, smart TVs, social media, smart meters, surveillance cameras, facial recognition software, online banking, license plate readers and driverless cars—all part of the interconnected technological spider’s web that is life in the American police state, and every new gadget pulls us that much deeper into the sticky snare…”  read more


“Nobody is immune to the danger communication surveillance technologies pose to individual privacy and a host of other human rights. And those who watch today, will be watched tomorrow.”

New global coalition urges governments to keep surveillance technologies in check

from Amnesty International

April 4, 2014

190638_CAUSE_campaignWorld leaders must commit to keeping invasive surveillance systems and technologies out of the hands of dictators and oppressive regimes, said a new global coalition of human rights organizations as it launched today in Brussels…read more